CMX-200 Tank Washer

CMX Tank Washer


The Hockmeyer CMX-200 Vessel and Tote Washer efficiently cleans practically any size tank, tote, or drum. The rotating brush and spray nozzle assembly provides the mechanical scrubbing and soaking action to effectively clean the inner wall and bottom of the vessel.

Advantages Include

  • Improves productivity and profitability
  • Closed system controls solvent vapors and the handling of hazardous compounds
  • Reduces cleaning time by 80%
  • Designed to fit most applications
  • Increases wash solvent utilization by 400%

Standard Features

  • Adjustable wash and rinse cycles
  • One piece brush bracket to allow quick changes from large to small brush assemblies
  • PLC Control Panel with keypad display in NEMA 4 cabinet
  • All hydraulic and solvent connections installed and factory tested
  • Dual high pressure hydraulic hoists to raise and lower machine on recirculating ball bearing guides
  • Lid assembly with chemical resistant seal for vapor and liquid containment
  • Intrinsically safe control system for XP environments
  • Skid mounted for ease of installation

Available Options

  • Transition disc to adapt flat lid to totes.
  • Exhaust ventilation/drying system to remove vapor fumes from washing chamber
  • Caustic 304 Stainless Steel
  • Manual or Pneumatic in-place valve cleaning unit
  • Tilt device to assist in draining flat bottom tanks
  • Inert atmosphere washing available
  • Optional 250 gallon holding tank
  • Standard system washes 36” to 60” diameter vessels and standard steel totes with 22” manway.
  • Optional brush assembly washes 18” to 35” tanks
  • Custom sizing available for larger applications
  • Hydraulically driven hoist for upward and downward movement of brush assembly

CMX Washing Systems can be adapted to meet any individual requirements. CHALLENGE us with your next application.