HCP Immersion Mill

HCP Immersion Mill
HCP Immersion Mill
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The Hockmeyer HCP Immersion Mill utilizes rapid recirculation milling technology to achieve a smaller particle size and tighter particle distribution and is faster than any other technology in the marketplace. This is achieved by pumping the slurry through the media field many more times and more efficiently than any other mill, including basket, horizontal or vertical mills. Circulation can be as fast as 50 passes per hour!

Rapid mixing and milling of raw materials are completed in one tank engaged for the entire cycle. The machine is designed for use in multiple tanks with various capacities.

Machine Features

  • Significantly reduces product loss.
  • Multiple tank positions with 360º rotation.
  • Minimization of contamination, clean-up, and solvent loss.
  • Maximization of color strength, gloss durability, and yield.
  • Reduction of process time by as much as 300%.
  • Reduction of raw material costs by an average of 5%.
  • Highly efficient uses of small quantities of media.
  • Use media as small as .5 mm and as large as 2 mm.
  • Consistent and predictable performance.
  • Various materials of construction available

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HCP Immersion Mill

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