HCPS Immersion Mill

HCPS Immersion Mill
HCPS Immersion Mill
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Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation proudly introduces the new HCPS Immersion Mill Design featuring the addition of an upper auger and interchangeable scraper blades. The "S" series is designed for processing high viscosity and/or highly thixotropic products up to 2 million cps!

Machine Features

  • Interchangeable single arm sweep and helical sweep design
  • Keeps the side wall clear and improves heat transfer
  • Helical sweep keeps the side and bottom wall clear
  • Great for high viscosity batches
  • Patented auger feeds high viscosity materials through the mill
  • Sweep easily removed for batch flexibility
  • Heat transfer is improved dramatically 
  • One step process means easier cleaning and less labor
  • Requires minimal operator interface

Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,184,783; 5,497,948; 5,820,040; 7,175,118; 7,559.493; 7,828,234; 7,883,036; 7,914,200; 8,182,133; 8,376,252; 8,733,677; 9,597,691 B1

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HCPS Immersion Mill