MTS - Multi Tasking System

Multi Tasking System


Streamline your process – Same Tank – Same Place – From Start to Finish

A Triple Shaft Mixer with our Patented HCP Immersion Mill Head and Disperser Blade along with a Helical Blade with Teflon Scrapers. Making it possible, now more than ever, for one step processing.

With the introduction of HOCKMEYER's HCP Immersion Mill into our multi-shaft mixer, we have created what is unmatched by any other! We call it our Multi Tasking System or "MTS". This single machine typically consists of a High Speed Dispersion drive, our patented HCP Immersion Mill and a Low Speed drive with Helical Blade – even the De-Aeration process is all done in this single machine.

HOCKMEYER's MTS unit has been tested in our On-Site Customer Laboratory processing a 250 pound batch of Phthalo Blue paste ink. We processed this paste ink in a third of the time over the industry's standard processing system. This represents a 200% savings in production time!

HOCKMEYER Equipment can offer our MTS unit with a variety of mixing tools to suit our customer's unique needs. Whether you need High Speed Dispersion Blades, an HSD Immersion Mill, with or without our Counter Peg Insert, a Rotor Stator Assembly (upward or downward suction) and/or a low speed Helical or Anchor Blade with scrapers – HOCKMEYER can customize our MTS to meet your specifications.