Rotor Stator

Rotor Stator


Our Rotor Stators are of a proven design that are used in the paint, ink, chemical, adhesives, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They are designed with no bottom steady bushing to withstand the most demanding applications. To provide flexibility, Hockmeyer offers two types of Rotor Stators; Top Draw and Bottom Draw, depending on the application. Rotor Stators can be cleaned in place and can be constructed of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. A Rotor Stator is a High Shear Mixer that utilizes a rotor a stationary stator that typically operate at very high speeds, creating a vortex circulating the product through the gap between the rotor and stator, resulting in a very homogeneous dispersion.

Features Available:

  • Sizes from 2 horsepower to 100 horsepower
  • Hoist or tank mounted
  • Inverter driven
  • Change can, fixed, or multiple fixed position designs on hoist mounted models
  • Stainless steel material of construction
  • Mill to highly polished finishes
  • Typically designed for atmospheric operation, but vacuum or pressure designs are available
  • Electrical components for hazardous or safe environments