Drum Mixer

Drum Mixer


The Drum Mixer provides Hockmeyer's unparalleled mixing technology in a convenient and compact design convenient for wall mounting or free standing with the addition of support legs. The drum mixer is engineered specifically for a standard 55 gallon drum, but is able to process batches as small as 3 gallons in a 5 gallon pail. It can accommodate any style of blade needed to get the best dispersion in the least amount of time.

Machine Features

  • 15 Horsepower Explosion Proof Motor
  • 138" Overall Height, 36" Stroke, 22" Width
  • Variable Frequency Inverter
  • 8" Diameter 'D' Style Blade
  • Start and Stop Push Buttons and a Speed Potentiometer
  • Safety Features include a Height Limit Switch and Can Lock
  • Unit is mounted and counter balanced on the column for manually raising and lowering the machine

Optional Features

  • Legs available for Floor Mounting
  • Small Batch Processing - Drum Mill and Mixers can be mounted to a rail system which would allow the mixer and mill to slide from side to side in order to service multiple drums.