NexGen Vacuum Recirculation Mill


NexGen is the state of the art in particle size reduction. It is a drop in plug and play replacement for traditional horizontal mills with faster grind times using lower media loads than traditional recirculation mills.

Machine Features 

• Greater media field throughput than any mill on the market
• Nano particle size capability
• Vacuum capability with sealed system option
• No hydraulic lift and smaller footprint than immersion mills
• Produces better gloss and transparency
• Cleans using less solvent
• Minimal waste with 99% product recovery
• Wide range of screen sizes available
• Handles slurry up to 15,000 cps

Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,184,783; 5,497,948; 5,820,040; 7,175,118; 7,559.493; 7,828,234; 7,883,036; 7,914,200; 8,182,133; 8,376,252; 8,733,677; 9,597,691 B1