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Hockmeyer was established in the mid 1930's in the Bronx, New York as a welding and repair shop. Shortly afterward, the first mixing machines, referred to as lead mixers, were manufactured for the paint industry. Paint was made from lead pigment back then, hence the name "lead mixer".

As the business grew, new lines of machinery were developed and sold into the paint and ink industries. The high speed DiscPerser, an original Hockmeyer innovation, was introduced in the early 1950's along with the unique ring style "D" blade that revolutionized the way paint and ink were manufactured. Water based coatings began to replace solvent and the time to produce many of the products went from days to hours. However, ultra fine dispersions of many hard to grind pigments and fillers were still hostage to slow ball and bead milling, adding days back to production.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s new machines were added to the line including horizontal paste mixers, multi-shaft mixers, pony mixers, paddle blade agitators, paper balers and attritors. The factory was moved to larger facilities in Harrison, NJ and then moved again in 1984 to still larger facilities in Elizabeth City, North Carolina where it continues to expand and innovate. Hockmeyer maintains a fully staffed Customer Testing R&D facility at this location.

In the 1990's Hockmeyer made another quantum leap in dispersion technology with the introduction of the Hockmeyer Immersion Mill, eliminating the arduous bottleneck of ultra fine milling and substantially surpassing the performance of existing basket mills. Days of milling were now reduced to hours or minutes. Today, Hockmeyer continues to lead the industry with the unmatched performance of this latest and continuously evolving technology.

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