As the leader in the wet grinding and dispersion industry, we offer custom-designed equipment for all phases of the particle size reduction manufacturing process. But what does that mean for our customers? We have a state of the art customer service laboratory for product testing and process development, and our service team is dedicated to helping you find practical solutions. This is what sets us apart from others and makes us a leader in the industry.

Adhesives continue to evolve as one of the key building materials multiple industries. As adhesives improve demand goes up and manufactures must find new ways to process quality adhesives in an efficient way.

HCS/HCPS Concentric Particle Reduction Systems can double your product out put!

The HCS Concentric Disperser is Hockmeyer’s latest edition to the Multi-Shaft market. This highly versatile disperser is ideal for heat sensitive, high viscosity products. The addition of the helical sweep blade provides excellent product movement and heat transfer along the tank wall, while concentric design allows the use of a full size disperser blade for maximum shear.

As the particle reduction industry continues to make advances, Nanoparticles are becoming key players in the development of new products. These interesting and versatile materials can be found in multiple industries and are changing the characteristics of what was considered "standard.  Better, more potent, durable and functional products result in a new world of opportunities never before experienced across a broad spectrum of applications. As these difficult to produce particles enter into more and more consumer and industrial products, manufacturers are left with a growing challenge: How do we produce these particles in an efficient and cost effective manner?

To begin to optimize the particle size reduction process, we must first ask ourselves a few questions.

First: Why do we process pigments and powders?

The answer to this question is different depending on your product, and your targeted results. Particle reduction can be used to:

  • Gain Color Strength
  • Gain Gloss
  • Build Transparency
  • Develop Opacity
  • Improve Conductivity
  • Reduce High Raw Material Cost
  • Or Increase Many Other Desirable Attributes 

One of the keys to proper milling is making a good premix. This is also one of the most neglected processes in the particle reduction industry. The better the dispersion before taking the product over to the mill the more productive the milling cycle will become.  Poor premixes cause longer grind times (higher production cost), plugged screens (more down time and product loss) and greater wear on the mill (higher maintenance cost). Reducing these unnecessary costs can return thousands of dollars per year.

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